Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In order

Where have I been? What have I been doing? I guess the short answer is "getting my house in order". In the most literal sense, we've been settling into the new house, schools, job, and routine. But in a less literal way, there are aspects of my spiritual house that I've been getting in order as well. Let me explain.

Initially, I intended to continue writing these messages during the move. But then the transition activities overwhelmed me and it just wasn't possible. I have to say, it felt good... Like some weight had been lifted... And the fact that it felt good really bugged me. I thought and reflected on it a lot. Every time someone asked me when I was going to start back up again it made me reflect even more. After all, I love to write. I love to study God's word. I love to share the things God is teaching me. So why was I enjoying, and prolonging the hiatus? Was it just a phase I would work through? Was it a spiritual attack? Slowly the answer began to dawn on me. And I think what was affecting me affects many Christians. In a nut shell, I was coming to God as an employee instead of as His child. I spent more time asking for guidance on the next message and less time enjoying Him as my heavenly father. In the process of asking for more and more to share, I was growing less. I had to re-learn what came so natural when I was a new believer. I had to re-learn the joy of just hanging out with Him.

In retrospect, I think about it in terms of my own children. I give them chores on occasion but that is only one small sliver of our relationship. If they only ever came to me as the one who hands out tasks, I would be offended. I would miss all the other aspects of our relationship. So this week let's pray about this. The question to ask is - am I acting like an employee? Are deadlines and expectations causing me to cheapen my relationship? And if you aren't falling into this trap, perhaps you know a friend or family member who is. Additionally, pray for the leaders in your church. I'm guessing they are no strangers to this struggle.

Going forward, I plan to frequently check myself to make sure I'm remembering my sonship. That means I'm going to write when I have something to share - not just because another week has gone by. I may write more frequently... I may write less. I'll leave that up to my father. I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have.

Have a great week,
Your brother,


  1. Hi Bob,

    As one of those who asked when you'd resume posting, let me say it's great to hear from you again. Definitely missed your messages.

    I think your new approach is perfect - Post when you feel led to do so. Five times a week, or once every five weeks. He will make it clear...

  2. I, too, am glad to hear your words. Those that so often helped me through the tough times in my life. Your post couldn't have come at a better time. Today was a rough day for me. It seems I am overwhelmed with all of the "things" going on I.E. work or lack of (business), home stuff, taking care of my wife and daughter, and trying to find "me time". I was questioning God's plan for me and could have used one of those pep talks you were always so good at. I must say, I am fortunate to have such a great small group and people that can help me. They, as great as they are, will never take the place you have in my heart and soul. Please keep writing as you see fit. Know that you are always helping me even from a far. Your Brother in Christ, Ray

  3. Ahhhh,....I hear his voice everyday, but I love reading his words. Great post babe! I am certain, God WILL move you, as He moves all of us,....in His time.

    Ray,....We surround you, even miles away. You may not know the prayers, but they are there, always. I hurt when my "extended" family hurts, not being able to physically be present to care or comfort. But I trust God. I trust that His plan involves GREAT things. And as we emerge from the lows of our lives, the purpose displays itself in glorious detail. Trust Him dear friend,...tomorrow is another day.


  4. Wow Bob, this message could not have come at a better time for me. I was just thinking today how scheduled everything in my life and the girls lives have been. Our committments had become so routine that we stopped enjoying the things we are doing and just doing them because it's what we do.

    Thanks for reminding me to slow down and remember who's really in charge.

  5. Beautiful post. What a realisation you came to over something so simple. Very moving.

    I'm glad to hear that the relocation process is going well too. Best wishes with that.


  6. Eugene, We need to have lunch again soon.

    Ray, I miss you brother. Hang in there. God won't give you more than you can handle. Then again, I was always amazed at how much God thought I could handle...

    Jen, You hottie... I always love your words.

    Ruthie, I hear you. We always seem to be battling the "busyness" thing at our house. I suppose some day, when the kids have moved out of the house, we'll miss all that busyness...

    Jai, loved your post about the train ride. Strange to imagine fending off suitors who want American citizenship. Painful as it was, at least it's good writing material. Your comment above is right on. Sometimes the simple things are too subtle to notice right away.