Monday, December 27, 2004


Our faith is full of things that, from our worldly view, appear to be paradoxes. As we fast this week, we are going to pray about the few I could think of. Please send back any others you think of.

- We need to be broken in order to truly be whole.
- To really be self-serving, we must be selfless. (The greatest among you will be your servant. Matthew 23:11)
- If you cling to your treasures, you'll never have true wealth.
- We need to surrender to experience victory.
- To take the first step toward maturity, we must become like a child.
- We must die to ourselves in order to truly live.
- The most disarming weapon you can use on an enemy is love.
- You can speak volumes by listening.

Have a great week and a great fast. Celebrate responsibly this Friday.
Your brother,

Monday, December 20, 2004

Be still

I was watching Evan eat his cereal one morning and I was amazed by his concentration. It was very apparent that the cereal was the only thing on his mind. He is totally focused on getting the cereal on the spoon and then getting that spoon in his mouth. Nothing else is dividing his attention - his mind doesn't wander. I would really like my prayer time to be like that - with nothing else diverting my thoughts. But sadly, it often isn't. I start praying and the next thing I know, my mind is straying to something totally different - "what's next at work… when do the kids have off again… is tonight trash night…". It's easy to find a quiet place and to keep our body still but it's so hard to quiet the mind. It's hard to just converse with Him without continuing my natural multi-tasking tendency. Psalm 46:10a says "Be still, and know that I am God". I don't have any magic formula for "being still" but I do know that my wandering mind betrays self-reliance and a lack of God-reliance.

So this Wednesday, as we fast, we are praying that we learn how to "Be Still". It's the key to changing our prayer life from talking at Him to conversing with Him. It's what we need to hear His will… to feel His love… To rest in His strength.

Have a great week, a great fast.
Your brother,

Monday, December 6, 2004


In the course of sending out these messages, I've started noticing that as time goes on, these messages are getting flagged as spam by more and more receiving e-mail systems. Ironic… isn't it? Especially when you think about some of the trash e-mails you receive that are not flagged as spam. Yet… I'm not surprised. The bible tells us multiple times about the 180 degree difference between the World's ways and His ways. In our daily lives as information and messages are pumped at us at a rapid pace, we need to separate the wheat from the chaff. And, most importantly, we need to then know which pile is which in His eyes. Chances are, His pile is much smaller...

So this Wednesday, as we fast, let's pray for the discernment and Wisdom to recognize the real spam in our lives. And for more time in the word where we find the best instruction on both.
I hope you receive this and I hope it's not labeled as spam.

Have a great week and a great fast.
Your brother,