Monday, June 5, 2006


When Jesus walked the earth in human form, he was a dangerous man. In fact, he was so dangerous to the 'religious' way of life, they plotted to kill him. In the spirit of following our Lord, the question we are asking this week is - "Am I a dangerous Christian?" For that matter, what does a dangerous Christian look like?

First, their walk matches their talk. What they believe is consistent with what they do - no matter how much grief that may bring them from the world. They don't compromise in order to be cool or accepted. The truth runs their lives - not the consensus.

Second, they share their faith. I recently heard the statistic that 90% of Christians have never witnessed to another person. Is it fear that keeps us from sharing? Are we afraid of looking foolish, losing a friend, being thought hypocritical, being asked a question we don't know the answer to, being viewed through the lens of the worldly stereotype of Christians? Or is it a lack of love that keeps us from sharing? After all, we're already saved… why bother. Whatever it is, let's pray about it this week. We have never met a person who doesn't matter to God. And God loves everyone of those people as much as he loves us.

Third, they give all. Christ is the center of their life and it reflects in the way they use their time and resources. They don't just merely give out of their abundance. Said another way, they live in the dangerous ground of trusting the Lord in all things.

So this week let's pray about being a dangerous Christian. The kind of Christian that brings grief to Satan.

Have a great week and a great fast.
Your brother,